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Address:   13000 State Road TT

                   Festus, MO 63028

Phone:   636-937-6878

      Fax:   636-937-3600


Non-Emergency Dispatch: 636-797-9999
(Jefferson County 911 Dispatch)

HELP! What number do I call?!

A common question or concern posed by citizens to public service agencies across the country  is when to or not to use 911.


 911  should always be used when calling to report EMERGENCY situations that involve one or more of the following:

  • Fire, Smoke, or Hazardous Situations

  • Active Fire/Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Injuries or Medical Emergencies

  • Acts of Violence

  • Traffic Crashes/Hazards with Road Blockage

  • Any situation where in a delay in response poses an immediate risk of injury, death or destruction/loss of real property to those involved or around the incident

Alternatively, any requests for Police, Fire, and/or EMS response to a location that do not include one of the above conditions should be directed to the local Non-Emergency Dispatch number which for the Jefferson R-7 area is Jefferson County 911 Dispatch at 636-797-9999.


Please remember that calling a number other than 911 in cases of emergency may result in delayed responses due to lower call answering priority at the Dispatch Center depending on incoming call volume. In addition, all Calls for Service are prioritized for dispatching by Jefferson County 911 regardless of the method in which they are received so calling 911 in cases of non-emergencies will not ensure priority response. Abuse of 911 services is prohibited by State Law and could result in prosecution. That being said, anytime you question whether or not something is an actual emergency, it is advised to error on the side of caution and utilize 911.

For general questions or business inquiries, you can call our District at 636-937-6878. Please note that when personnel are out of the station, this number is answered by a general voicemail box where a significant delay in receiving the message may occur. This number should not generally be used to request the crews respond to a Call for Service to ensure prompt dispatching and response.

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